What kind of tutoring does Esteem Learning offer?
We at Esteem Learning are all about language learning!  We come to the table with experience in the US and Internationally, and offer tutoring services in Spanish, French or Italian.

Who can benefit from online language tutoring?
-Any student taking a language in school and struggling
-Middle School students new to a language
-High School students looking to improve their skills
-College students hoping to build their resume
-Adults looking to travel or learn a new language

How much does online tutoring cost?
Esteem Learning believes that you get what you pay for.  Inexperienced tutors or large companies may charge less, but Esteem Learning works with students to make common objectives and learning goals.  You get to choose where you're going, and the path is dynamic and fun.  Whether your goal is acing the French final or traveling to Italy for the pizza in Napoli, Esteem Learning will help you get there.
Price: $60/hour

How do I pay?
Esteem Learning accepts PayPal.

I'm not great with computers.  How does this work?
Once we connect by email, Esteem Learning helps you with all that!  We can help you create and set up Skype or FaceTime, and get you started in no time.

Why online tutoring sessions?
-Tutoring can be time consuming - who has time to drive to a learning center during rush hour?  When your tutoring session is online, it's easier to find time in your busy schedule.  Late nights and early mornings are suddenly great times to learn! 
-Finding a work space can be challenging.  With online tutoring, you can meet with your tutor anywhere! - at the library, or in your kitchen.  
-Finding a tutor near you can be difficult!  With online tutoring sessions, it doesn't matter if you live in a city or in the suburbs.  As long as you're near your computer, your tutor can get to you!

Why choose Esteem Learning?
Esteem Learning is different.  Many language-learning settings can be so traditional that students find it difficult to learn.  But, Esteem Learning believes that we don’t learn language to fill out workbooks and worksheets.  We learn a language to be able to use it, to communicate and connect with the things and people we love outside of our own culture!  What gives people confidence and joy in another language is the ability to use it, and to express who they are.  Communication is what Esteem Learning is all about...not what you will know about a language, but what you can do with it.  With a unique mix of proficiency-based activities and practical tools, Esteem Learning is an expert on how to get you talking in another language.

When can we start?
 We are flexible and available to coordinate online sessions whenever works best for you.  Contact us at contact.esteem.learning@gmail.com with any questions or concerns, and we look forward to working with you and your family!

Do you have any questions?  Email us at contact.esteem.learning@gmail.com!