Spanish Lesson for Beginners: Greetings, Name, and How Are You

This is a 3-class proficiency-based lesson plan to teach beginners basic greetings and questions in Spanish. These first few concepts are some of the most important and useful your students will ever learn, and this Lesson Plan helps you make the most of it! It works on students’ writing, speaking and listening.  Buy it here!

games and learning activities
communicative and speaking activities
notes and reference sheets
assessment “stamp” sheet

Lesson Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-greet others at all times of day
-say hello and goodbye
-ask what someone’s name is
-answer what their name is
-ask what others’ names are
-answer what others’ names are
-ask how someone is doing in the formal and informal
-answer that they are doing well, not well, or “ok”