Country Research Activity (French - La Francophonie) (Spanish - El Mundo Hispanohablante) (ESL/ELL/ELD)

This 1-hour activity for interactive notebooks is a fun way for students to research a country and then talk about it with classmates.  It requires students to research basic information about their country and then earn “visas” from classmates by sharing the information with others.  It’s fun, dynamic, and communicative.

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How can I use it?
-as a quick lesson plan for a substitute teacher!
-as a way to integrate culture into a lesson or unit
-as a way to get students thinking like global citizens
-as a learning station or learning center
-as a speaking activity

Who is it for?
-Spanish/French/ESL/ELL/ELD students at Novice Level or higher
-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to
-ask and answer about their name, age, and birthday
-ask and answer about a country’s flag, capital, population, currency and leader

-6 pages of content
-detailed instructions and ideas for use
-interactive notebook activity
-vocabulary list for asking questions
-detailed instruction sheet for students (great for a sub!)