French Game & Task Cards - Agree and Disagree (“Moi Aussi, Moi Non Plus” etc.)

This 1-hour game and task cards will make agreeing or disagreeing with an opinion in French easy for Novice learners.


How can I use it?
-as a fun review activity to do in pairs
-to teach new learners how to agree or disagree in French
-as a review for students who have seen the content before
-as a learning station or learning center

Who is it for?
-Novice Level French students
-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-agree or disagree with other’s opinions using the following phrases: [“moi aussi” / ”pas moi” / “moi si” / “moi non plus”]

-9 pages of content
-content list and detailed lesson plan and instructions for use
-poster/handout detailing how to use the phrases [“moi aussi” / ”pas moi” / “moi si” / “moi non plus”] to agree or disagree with others’ opinions
-cheat sheet of usage rules for Interactive Notebooks
-game and 24 task cards to practice using these phrases

Moi Aussi-Non Plus.png