Updated Product! - Spanish Subjunctive Notes for Interactive Notebook - Space and Alien Themed

This set of notes uses space, aliens and planets to make an analogy for students to easily understand and conceptualize the Subjunctive Mood.  It also helps students remember the uses and formation of the Subjunctive with mnemonic devices and fun, colorful graphics.


How can I use it?:
-to introduce the Subjunctive Mood to new students
-to review the Subjunctive Mood for students who have seen the content before
-as a learning station or learning center

Who is it for?
-Intermediate Level Spanish students
-Students in Grades 10-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-understand and explain the uses of the Subjunctive Mood
-understand and explain the formation of the Subjunctive Mood

-7 pages of content
-detailed instructions and ideas for use
-Interactive Notebook Pop-ups and explanation on the use and formation of the subjunctive mood
-all the colorful and interactive pieces required for students to include in their interactive notebooks
-placement map to see how everything fits together
-notes on Subjunctive formation - with answer key
-notes on Subjunctive use - with answer key