Updated Product! - Ordinal Numbers Interactive Notebook Activity - Camping and S’mores Theme

This 1-hour lesson activity on ordinal numbers uses students’ interactive notebooks to learn about ordinal numbers.  This activity is s’mores and camping themed and uses beautiful graphics.  This activity is easy and fun - all you need are scissors and glue.


How can I use it?:
-as a fun review activity for students who have seen the content before
-to teach new learners about ordinal numbers
-as a learning station or learning center

Who is it for?
-Students in grades K-12
-Students learning another language
-ESL, ELL or ELD students

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-identify and write the ordinal numbers

-2 pages of content
-detailed instructions and ideas for use
-camping and s’mores - themed interactive notebook activity