Updated Product! - Interactive Notebook Clothing Lesson and Market Simulation - Spanish or French

This 3-hour lesson on Clothing uses students’ Interactive Notebook, and then transitions into a real-life contextual and authentic Market Simulation, with all the elements you need - just print and go!  This is a great way to teach clothing, and even to review numbers, adjectives, colors, definite and indefinite articles.  The Simulation even gives cultural context and practice with bartering and negotiating prices.  By the end of this lesson, students will feel at home in a market in any country!


How can I use it?:
-to teach new learners about clothing and shopping in cultures where prices are negotiable
-as a review for students who have previously worked with numbers, adjectives, colors, definite and indefinite articles

Who is it for?:
-Novice High Level French and/or Spanish students
-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-identify and use clothing vocabulary

-negotiate and/or barter to lower prices

-10 pages of content
-detailed lesson plan, instructions, and ideas for use
-interactive notebook pocket and picture flashcards of clothing
-all items required for the Market simulation - pricing guides, merchandise, shopping lists
-fake euro “money”
-vocabulary and speaking prompts to aid students in bartering and negotiating prices
-ideas for vocabulary practice and reinforcement