Updated Product! - Interactive Cultural Activities for Christmas / La Navidad

This 4-hour (about four days) bundle uses students’ knowledge of the target language to celebrate culturally relevant Christmas traditions from around the world.  This bundle includes various learning activities that use crafts and interactive tasks to make this holiday season a great time for learning!  Students will learn about traditions around the world, about legends in Spanish-speaking cultures, and have a chance to make ornaments, luminaries, and share with others what they have learned. Best of all, it includes an assessment sheet, so that students are encouraged to use these activities as learning opportunities!


How can I use it?:
-to cover cultural topics related to the holidays in a fun way while still using class time effectively
-you can use the activities together or separately in the days/weeks leading up to the holidays

Who is it for?
-Spanish students at any level
-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-describe a cultural tradition that they and their families celebrate
-talk about the holiday traditions of a Spanish-speaking culture
-write about the Poinsettia Legend
-use vocabulary in Spanish related to Christmas and the holidays

-6 pages of content
-detailed lesson plan and ideas for use

-assessment sheet for teacher and students to keep track of learning
-lesson about the Legend of the Poinsettia and learning activity
-lesson about Christmas traditions around the world and learning activity

-writing activity related to tradition of luminaries