Updated Product - Destroyer - A Verb Conjugation Game - Practice Conjugating Any Tense - Spanish, French & Italian

This communicative game has students conjugating verbs and speaking to each other in the target language. Use it to practice with conjugating in any tense! Great to add to a lesson, or as a review activity. After playing, students will feel confident about conjugating, and even have fun in the process! Includes game and instructions.

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How can I use it?:
-as practice at the end of a lesson on conjugating in a specific tense
-as a review for students who have learned a tense in another course or lesson
-as a learning station or learning center

Who is it for?:
-Students at any level
-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the activity, students will be able to:
-conjugate with confidence and ease

-2 pages of content

-detailed instructions and ideas for use
-printable boardgame