Updated Product! - Body Parts and Doler - Games & Activities for Practice

Tired of practicing with body parts and doler in the same boring way? This 3-hour lesson uses fun activities and games to practice with these concepts in dynamic ways.  With monsters, Guess Who, and other fun activities, this lesson is a great way for students to practice and solidify their understanding and ability to use these terms and concepts.  


How can I use it?:
-at the end of a lesson to practice body parts and doler with new learners
-as fun review for students who have seen the content before
-as learning stations or learning centers

Who is it for?:
-Novice High Level Spanish students

-Students in Grades 6-12

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-talk about body parts
-talk about what pains them and others

-6 pages of content
-detailed lesson plan and ideas for use
-Monster Guess Who Game
-detailed notes on doler with answer key
-interactive communicative activity to practice with doler
-ideas for additional practice with doler and body parts