Updated Products! - ACTFL Proficiency Posters in English, French and Spanish

ACTFL’s Can-Do Statements help learners identify what they need to do to function at a specific level of proficiency. But how can we make these clear and evident for students? These posters are a great way to make these benchmarks visible for students. Whether you’re a veteran or just newly transitioning to proficiency-based curriculum, these posters are a fantastic addition to your classroom. 

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BUY THEM HERE in Spanish!

How can I use it:
-Post these posters around the room to help integrate curriculum and student buy-in.
-Explain proficiency expectations to students
-Print for students at the beginning of a lesson or unit

Who is this for?
-K-12 World Language Students
-ESL, ELL and ELD students
-Any level student learning French or Spanish

-85 pages of content
-A chart of NCSSFL-ACTFL Global Can-Do Benchmarks (version in color and black & white)

-A poster of the pyramid-style ACTFL Proficiency scale (version in color and black & white)
-10 individual proficiency-level posters in TWO style options: these posters include the Can-Do statements for each mode (presentational speaking, interpersonal communication, presentational writing, interpretive listening, interpretive reading) from levels Novice Low to Superior (version in color and black & white)