Updated Product! - Brainwreck - A Dynamic Vocabulary Practice Game

Brainwreck is a way to practice vocabulary in an exciting and dynamic way! Just add vocabulary from your current unit, print the game, and you’re ready to play. Brainwreck really gets students to remember the vocabulary - it requires students to use kinesthetic, visual, written, verbal, and non-linguistic representations to describe their vocabulary words, and by the end of the game, your students will know their vocab backwards and forwards!


How can I use it?:
-as a fun review for students who have seen the content before
-at the end of a lesson to have learners practice with new vocabulary
-as a learning station or learning center

Who is it for?:
-Students in Grades K-12
-World Language students
-ESL, ELL, ELD students
-English and Language Arts students studying vocabulary

At the end of the game, students will be able to:
-identify and use vocabulary from their current unit of study

-4 pages of content
-detailed instructions and ideas for use
-number dice
-colorful gameboard
-BONUS activity!