Spanish Proficiency-Based Learning for Beginners - Colors

Are you tired of teaching students vocabulary or grammar topics only to have them forget by the next class?  Or worse, have them be able to read and write but not say a word?  Enter proficiency-based learning.  This type of teaching focuses on what the students will be able to do with the language, not what they know about it.

New on Teachers Pay Teachers is a three-day proficiency-based lesson plan to teach beginners colors in Spanish.  Best of all, they’ll actually be able to use them!  These first few concepts are some of the most important and useful your students will ever learn, and this Lesson Plan helps you make the most of it! It works on students’ writing, speaking and listening.

Don't need the whole lesson?  You can buy parts of it to supplement your lesson!
-full lesson
-powerpoint presentation and scaffolded notes
-1st colors communicative activity
-2nd colors communicative activity

-games and learning activities
-slideshow with scaffolded notes
-communicative activities
-writing activities
-assessment “stamp” sheet