Spanish Present Tense Puzzle Game

Present tense is the most important tense for beginning language learners.

Firstly, if we follow the research-based ACTFL proficiency levels, a student in an average World Language Class should be, even after several years, truly only mastering the present tense.  This fact has huge implications for our curriculum.  Why do we throw so many tenses at students?  Why can't they remember any of them?  Easy.  Because it's too much, too fast...this is a true case of less is more.  So how can we reconcile what we know is best practice with the reality...that standardized testing and university expectations necessitate that our students learn more than just the present tense.

One way is to periodically practice and refine students' use and command of the present tense.  Once new tenses come their way, they can easily forget this old standby.  So let's help jog their memory!  Here's a fun game to help Novice-Level Language Students Practice their present tense conjugating skills!  Includes games and instructions.

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