Spanish Lesson on Travel - get your passports ready!

Have you ever had parents of your students tell you that they're traveling to Mexico, and will their son/daughter be able to translate for them?  Now your answer is yes!  Here is a fantastic group of lessons on Travel!  Buy it here!

This is a 5-hr (about 5 classes) Lesson Plan intended to give students contextual and meaningful practice with common travel experiences. This activity is proficiency-based, and focuses on listening and speaking. By the end of the activity, students will feel confident and ready to pick up their passports and go!

Buy the full 5-day Lesson Plan here.

Don't have 5 days?  Buy just the 1-day lesson on:
-negotiating a taxi
-buying a train ticket
-booking a hotel
-maps and directions
-describing traditional food

By the end of the Lesson, students will be able to:

-order a train ticket in person or online
-talk about their train travel schedule
-talk about where others would like to go
-talk about what they and others are going to do
-talk about what time they and others are going to do an activity

-negotiate a taxi
-barter for a lower price
-explain where they need to go

-reserve a room at a hotel
-speak comfortable about cash and credit card numbers/information
-give dates and other relevant information

-describe a dish they like and their opinion of it
-compare dishes and talk about what dishes taste like

-ask for directions
-follow directions
-give directions