Spanish Beginner's Lesson on Actividades, Querer and Gustar

As language teachers, we know that knowing vocabulary isn't always enough to make a student proficient in a topic.  Enter this new lesson plan on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is a Spanish Lesson on Actividades, Querer & Gustar and it's full of dynamic and fun activities to get your students talking and learning.

This is a fun and interactive lesson about activities, likes, and wants (actividades, querer, gustar). After playing, students will feel comfortable using and identifying vocabulary and creating their own sentences about what they and others like and don’t like It includes a vocabulary list, picture vocabulary cards, posters and worksheets for students to use for practice, interactive games, as well as communicative activities and communicative assessments.

Don't need the whole lesson?  You can just buy the game here!

games and learning activities
communicative and speaking activities
notes and reference sheets
assessment “stamp” sheet

Lesson Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
-identify various common activities
-ask what someone likes and doesn’t like to do
-ask what someone wants and doesn’t want to do
-answer what they like and don’t like to do
-answer what they want and don’t want to do
-talk about what others like and don’t like to do
-talk about what others want and don’t want to do
-talk about what they prefer to do
-talk about what activities they do with others
-talk about where they and others are going