Make verb conjugating fun!

We know verbs are a part of language learning, and we know we're going to get make it a little more fun!

These subject pronoun spinners and dice are a fun way to conjugate verbs in any tense!  Here are a few ways you can use them to practice any tense!  Make any tedious verb exercise into a game, and easily use with students while writing or speaking. You can use it in whole-class activities, in groups, partners, or in solo learning activities. Includes dice or spinner, instructions, and ideas for use.

  • Give each student a whiteboard.  Give them the tense, a verb, and a subject pronoun from below.  Have them conjugate on the whiteboards and hold them up.  Give them a point for every correct conjugation and a point if they translate it correctly into English.
  • Give each student a spinner and a list of verbs.  Have them practice conjugating with each other.

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Spanish subject pronoun spinner  or subject pronoun dice
French subject pronoun spinner or subject pronoun dice
Italian subject pronoun spinner or subject pronoun dice